Tension Structures, 120 slides, 1993

Covers design concepts, procedures for physical and numerical models, cable nets with soft and glazed coverings, aviaries, traditional cotton canvas tents, modern high-tensile coated fabric systems, fabrication pattering, complex combination, membranes and cable net structures for very wide spans and pneumatic and air-supported structures. The Building Centre Trust.

Tension Structures, 2 videos, 45 minutes + 35 minutes, 1990

A teaching package consisting of two part video and written material. Presented by Mike Barnes with contributions from leading practitioners in this area of design. Part One: Basic Concepts and Cable Net Structures including engineering background, historical examples, the concepts of prestressed mechanisms and flexibility, Frei Otto and free form structures, computer modelling and analysis, wind tunnel testing, construction procedures and open mesh aviaries. Part Two: Stressed Membrane Structures including form finding, supporting structures, pattering, material properties, stressing out procedures and the whole is illustrated by three recent case studies. The Building Centre Trust.

Tension Structures, 1 cassette and 24 slides, 1998

The Scottish engineer Ian Liddell (Buro Happold), a leading expert in tension structures, describes the following: Riyadh Conference Centre (01 Plan and section). Mannheim Multihalle, 1974 (02 Structural model, 03 Wire mesh model, 04 Load test, 05 Watching load test, 06 The finished building, 07 Ove Arup and Frei Otto on site). Tent at Dyce, BP Forties Field, 1975 (08 The tent, 09 Interior). Tent at Battersea Park, London (10 Model, 11 The reality). Globe Theatre, London (12 Interior). Imagination building, London (13 The parallel blocks from above, 14 Interior bridges, 15 View from above). 58 North, covered city project (16 Model). Westminster & Chelsea Hospital (17 Atrium roof). Temporary tent for RSSB (18 Exterior, 19 Tent being erected). Millennium Dome (20 Mike Davies' original sketch, 21 Proposed structure - drawing, 22 Final development design, 23 Completion, 24 Roof details). World Microfilms (ISBN 185035216X).